How to update WordPress to use new Domain name

In this tutorial, we will guide you on how to update your existing WordPress to use a new domain name. First, you need to prep your WordPress by following this guide and add the new domain’s URL to the config. Once that is done, log into your WordPress Admin area by going to If […]

How to install PHP extension on DirectAdmin with multi-php enabled

With multiple PHP installed on a system, sometimes it is a little harder and confusing to install additional PHP extensions. This class will teach you how to install an additional extension via command line. First, you need to determine which versions of PHP you have enabled on your DirectAdmin server. To do this, you can […]

Updating WordPress siteurl & sitehome for new domain easily without touching the database

If you have recently moved your WordPress to another domain and need to quickly change the domain url without touching the database. This class is for you. Open  wp-config.php  Put in the following lines of codes at the top of the page after the <?php define(‘WP_HOME’,’’); define(‘WP_SITEURL’,’’); You need to change the to your new […]

How to restore MySQL database backup in cPanel

If you need to revert back to a database backup, then this class is for you. 1) Log into your cPanel account. How to login to cPanel 2) Locate the Databases section and select phpMyAdmin 3) Once phpMyAdmin has been loaded, you should now see a list of your databases under your cPanel account. 4) Now on the right […]

How to add a temporary admin login to WordPress to gain admin access?

If you have forgotten your WordPress admin password and have exhausted all password reset options. Then this class is for you. It will teach you how to add a temporary admin login so that you are back into the wp-admin backend. The following instructions are for cPanel. However, it is the same as long as you […]