How to duplicate a MySQL database in cPanel

Do you need to copy a working MySQL database for a developmental site? Follow this class to learn how to duplicate a working MySQL database with ease. 1) Log into your cPanel account. How to login to cPanel 2) Locate the Files section and select Backups 3) Scroll down to Partial Backups and locate Download a MySQL Database […]

How to configure XSplit Broadcaster with Wowza Streaming Engine

Need to learn how to configure your XSplit Broadcaster to work with your RTMP service ? Take this class to find out how. 1) Open up xSplit, click on Outputs -> Set up a new output -> Custom RTMP 2) You should now see the following screen To make this class quick and easy, we will […]

How to password protect a folder in DirectAdmin

If you want place a password on a web accessible folder then this course is for you. 1) Make sure you are logged into your DirectAdmin. If you are unsure, see this class How to log into DirectAdmin 2) Locate the Your Account then click on Password Protected Directories 3) Click on Find a Directory to Password Protect 4) […]