Setting up a catch-all (default) email address in DirectAdmin

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With a catch-all or default email address, you can accept any mis-typed email address somebody may have used. For example if your email address is [email protected], but the sender mis-typed and sent to [email protected] instead.

Even though catch-all address is great at catching mis-typed emails, it is also great at catching spam emails. A lot of spammers will send out emails to generic addresses such as david, joe, mary, john, support, info, help, etc. If you have catch-all enabled then these spam emails will get accepted as well.

How to setup a catch-all in DirectAdmin

1) Make sure you are logged into your DirectAdmin. If you are unsure, see this class – How to log into DirectAdmin

2) Locate the E-mail Management then click on Catch-All E-Mail

If you don’t see it, then it is not enabled on your account. You will need to contact your host to enable it


3) There are 3 options you can choose for your catch-all

Fail: This will send a bounceback email to the email sender

Ignore: This will send the emails to a blackhole. No action is done on the server.

Address: This will forward the catch-all emails to a specific email address

4) Click on Update once ready, your changes will be live instantly.